tumblr is literally the result of putting teenagers together without any adult supervision whatsoever

well it was either this or lord of the flies

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can we all just take a moment to acknowledge that, as the game presents itself, something like this has to happen every time you call miller

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snake never did tell liquid whether or not he liked his sunglasses

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this is like some kind of fucking sick fucking bad bad bad joke because fucking literally one fucking fucking piece of this motherfucking puzzle is fucking missing

Well then you better assemble your friends and find a worthy vessel because it looks like you’re on the path to finding tHE ONE PIECE.

Good luck, it will take you like 1,000 episodes.

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I made this new account just to make this joke. please feel free to contribute more! (I dont know how to run this shit)

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The Ideal Height - Biffy Clyro

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